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Meet Dave.

The founder of, I am dedicated to helping everyone achieve their optimum health through nutrition and exercise.

Following 6 years service in the British Army, I went on to gain an honours degree in Sport and Recreation at Staffordshire University.

My first job after graduatiion was as manager of an indoor cricket centre; not the best use of my degree!

A much better use of my qualifications followed with 7 years as Head of Physical Education at a local prison. But the opportunities were limited and I started to feel frustrated.

It was in April 2000 that I decided to become self-employed as a Fitness Consultant. This lead to a very interesting and rewarding career working alongside an Occupational Health company.

During the past 20 years I have been helping people from a variety of work backgrounds to stay fit and healthy through both exercise and nutritional education.

But this has only been available to employees of organisations who are willing to pay for them. It is now time to start helping people from all walks of life.

The aim is to educate and empower at a price that is affordable to everyone.

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